Creative Metal Furniture, You Have To Know

Creative metal furniture are really cool things and ornament to beautify your home, office or even as public facilities in park and streets, such as park steel bench, unique wooden carbon steel tables, outdoor rattan hammock with aluminum stand and so on. I will show you the most of metal furniture below, let us appreciate about them and choose one you like.

Hammock with steel stand

That is really cool design, whether you consider to own one in your private garden or patio? Posing it near to the swimming pool is very creative ideas. You may consider to have a rest after swim. Actually this is carbon steel pipes with black coating as its stand, eggs design of seat with thick cushion will ensure you are comfortable when lay inside, rattan as staple materials of basket could raise its artistic.

Bench Chair

Pure steel bench chair with coating spray is good choice for you when you roam in park or small garden. Considering to have a rest after jogging so far or training is your first choice about this bench chair. Durable steel frame and comfortable chair back help you to recover energy immediately.

Wooden steel side table

Wooden steel side table, solid wood table top with steel tube frame are really creative idea. The concise and vivid expression of the Nordic style is the feature of wooden steel side table. You may consider to use the side table matching with sofa, exact brown color. It is also soil’s color as natural and simplicity.

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