Galvanized Steel Pipes in Steel Industry

Steel industry, there are so many professional knowledge to learn. Even though a lot of carbon steel products such as galvanized steel pipes, seamless steel tubes, square carbon steel tubes are widely used in our life, as outsiders of steel industry we know about steel pipe nothing. Well, according to the post, I will introduce you some expertise about galvanized steel pipes.

What are galvanized pipes?

Well, at the first we have to know what galvanized pipes are. Perhaps, you may consider that it is easy to know, the carbon steel pipes with zinc coating. Yes, this is the answer but not very precise because of galvanized pipes could be divided into some categories such as hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes, electro galvanized steel pipe and cold galvanized steel pipe which have been banned to fabricate. Certainly, for much harsh environment, steel pipes with zinc coating may increase its life period with corrosion resistance, waterproof and so on.

Galvanized pipes with water health?

Although galvanized pipes are still considered as safe transportation materials or pipeline systems for drinking water, there are potential health problems if water supply is corrosive due to acidic conditions. Well, meanwhile public water supplies treat their water so that it is basically non-corrosive – so if you are in a public water supply system, this should not be a problem.

However, if you use the pipeline system of water supply for private well water or something like this, you have to test the water you used everyday according to its standards of drinking water such as primary drinking water standards for lead and cadmium are 0.015 and 0.005 mg/L.

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