Catering Service and Cooking Equipment

As often people will image catering service through cooking equipment. This is correct because cooking equipment is very important and foundation for the catering industry and the restaurants. Good cooking equipment and related commercial ovens will save chef energy and raise the efficiency of chef. Certainly, there is another standard, health and environmental protection, to restrain the boss of the restaurants with source of good quality equipment. Because good equipment may guarantee chef’s health, ensure cleaning environment of kitchen.


How to use cooking equipment in Catering Kitchen

A lot of people will know a simple common senses as quite distinctions between home kitchen and kitchen in catering industry, certainly, its main difference is about cooking equipment. So normally how to apply about cooking equipment of restaurants or hotels.

  1. Application and management system of Natural Gas
  • If chef apply natural gas, so keeping indoor ventilation is necessary.
  • Applying natural gas must install related waste gas flue so that waste gas emission to outdoor.
  • Safety cooking equipment prefers to apply such as restaurant cooker with auto flameout device.
  • If anyone find leakage of natural gas, paramount to switch off and call to natural gas company to solve the issues.
  • Any of natural gas pipe system cannot be installed or rebuild by individual.

2. Staff in Kitchen with professional training

  • All staff and chef must be trained for related professional knowledge about how to apply gas cookers safely.
  • Every time check the cooking equipment before cook by using cooking equipment. If anyone find the issue about leak of gas, they must report to fix this issue and during fixing period starting electrical appliance is forbidden.

3. Ventilation of Kitchen

Every staff should open fans before entering kitchen, so that purge sediment of natural gas indoor.

4. Methods of cooking equipment application

  • Igniting time, chef have to follow the basic principle and methods such as prior to igniting then open the switcher of gas device.
  • For various of cookers and oven, we must close by hand and closing by other tools is forbidden.

5. Methods of cooking equipment application

Everyone in kitchen must keep clean of cooking equipment, clean of floor and eliminate greasy dirty of filter cover.

6. Master fire prevention knowledge

Chef in kitchen generally master good skill for cooking, however they should know basic fire prevention knowledge so that to use in case of emergency.


How to purchase relevant cooking equipment

You may find there are a lot of retailers and wholesalers when you search related catering service industry keywords through Google search. Well, some of them are physical store, and other parts of them are online stores. Certainly, different sales way will offer us different advantage. For instance, we may choose cooking equipment through store and check the quality. Or we could buy related equipment online with lower price then help us saving cost.

  1. For small restaurants, I recommend you to buy these cooking equipment through local online store such as Walmart, or professional store for catering service.
  2. If the big restaurants or hotel sources, normally they will purchase many of cooking equipment, so try to find out wholesaler online. The most of people perhaps will not know about some of famous B2B platform in Asia as they may supply good quality cooking equipment with lower cost. Hereby, I could recommend you sinosources, the largest B2B platform in China.

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